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Sheldon House 2.: PENISARLON Peter Corbishley

Sheldon House 2.: PENISARLON

Peter Corbishley

Published May 9th 2014
Kindle Edition
288 pages
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 About the Book 

Sheldon House remains shrouded in mystery, together with romance, crime, and suspense in equal measure.Following on from Sheldon House (1), Karl Tasman continues to develop the farm despite the continued daily harassment of Miss Winifred Abbs. This woman is obsessed with continuing the research left unfinished by her late friend, Granville Withers.This obsession of Miss Abbs filters out onto Grindon Moor as the whole community is gripped with rumours and wild stories of treasure lying buried beneath the surface of Sheldon House land. The prospect of riches coming their way is too great for some and their demands upon Karl to allow them onto his land to dig for it gets ever greater. Karl is under pressure to open up his land and wonders how long he can hold out.Karls troubles do not end there. What he thought was a stroke of good fortune, turns out to be a nightmare. A distant elderly relative passed away and in her will she left a house and grounds in North Wales to him. This came as a pleasant surprise- however, two distant cousins, believing that the property was their inheritance, and Karl had tricked their old aunt into leaving the property to him, set about by fair means or foul to get the property back.