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Simplifying Power Supply Technology Rajesh J. Shah

Simplifying Power Supply Technology

Rajesh J. Shah

Published March 1st 1995
ISBN : 9780790610627
138 pages
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 About the Book 

Power supply technology has come a long way in recent years. Many researchers have dedicated their careers to advancing the field of power electronics, and a good amount of effort is put into making contributions to the field. Once can easily appreciate this field by understanding the basic concepts introduced in this book.Simplifying Power Supply Technology is an entry point into the field of power supplies. It simplifies the concepts of power supply technology and gives the reader the background and knowledge to confidently enter the power supply field. This book is also useful to experienced technicians as a reference to the basic concepts of various topologies.Topics covered include:InputRegulatorsConvertersControlSpecificationsAnd MoreSimplifying Power Supply Technology was written for readers from various backgrounds. Students, hobbyists, professional technicians, engineering assistants, and marketing and sales people will find this a useful and informative companion volume in the power supply industry.