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The $300 Man Ross Morton

The $300 Man

Ross Morton

Published 2009
ISBN : 9780709087502
160 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Civil War had turned Corbin Molinas life all around. Hed gone in at sixteen, paid $300 to take someone elses place. The money was to but him a new start for him and his girl, Jeanine.But he lost a hand in the war and when he returned home, everyone was gone. The relative whos place hed taken, his girl.Its twelve years later. Molina is on a mission we dont know about at first. Over those years, hed kept his ears open for any women named Jeanine. Everyone he found and traced was not the one.He stops a train robbery at the beginning of the book and now has the brother and sister of the two he killed on his trail. He finds Jeanine and learns the relative whos place he taken had first seduced her, then sold her to a brothel.Combined with his mission in Walkerville, a town being secretly, and forcibly being taken over by carpetbaggers, it gives Molina a triple lot of trouble.